The best companies/recruiters are able to build the story around why employees should work at your company and consider your opportunity. Every person considering a move, has a wish list, that will get them excited about the opportunity, appealing to this is critical when attracting and retaining the right talent. In this market you can no longer focus on filling a position, you have to differentiate yourself as an employer. You don’t pick talent any more, talent picks you.

Here are a few things to focus on when telling your story:

  1. Growth: How was your company or department grown over the past couple of years or how do you plan to grow. What is in it for the person coming on board ( career path, financial reward, strong mentorship, cutting edge technology)
  2. Technology/Tools: What are we doing that no one else is? Are we doing something that will impact the world around us? Are we working on the forefront of technology. Techies love tech, the more you can explain what you’re doing, the more excited they will get about helping
  3. Culture: Do you have a learning organization, do you let people operate with autonomy, do you have all the best tools? These are all things that will appeal to the right person. Understanding your culture can help identify what will get a candidate excited at the beginning of the process.
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