Our Training

Your Development and Growth

The PACE “Path to” program was designed through a combination of industry experts and our own internal PACE staff. The program was put together to fast track our recruiters and position them for a wildly successful career in recruitment. We take a unique approach and use a combination of classroom training, on the job training, external trainings and gamification that creates and engaging, comprehensive program that enables our staff to excel at their craft.

Our “Path to” program is all about our peoples’ development and ability to grow their careers. We have deep relationships within the industry allowing us to bring the latest and greatest tools and techniques, invested heavily in training materials for our staff and allocate a portion of all billings to external trainings with some of the best and brightest recruitment and leadership experts.

engineering recruiter boston training staffingengineering recruiter boston training staffing PACE Engineering Recruiters
engineering recruiter boston peopleengineering recruiter boston people 2 PACE Engineering Recruiters

Our People

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

engineering recruiter boston cultureengineering recruiter boston culture PACE Engineering Recruiters

Our Culture

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

engineering recruiter boston growthengineering recruiter boston career growth PACE Engineering Recruiters

Your Career Growth

The “PATH To Program” teaches our trainees about quality and service.

PACE is looking for motivated members to join our team.

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