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Path to Productivity

The Path to Productivity program focuses on taking candidates with little to no experience to a high level of performance; a level most firms would considered exceptional. We continuously instruct participants and ourselves to build on the fundamentals of recruitment. The program teaches our trainees about quality, service and how to be productive throughout their day, ultimately setting up our recruiters for a long, successful career.

The ultimate goal of this program is for graduates to build a foundation that enables them to excel and consistently prepares them for the next step in their PACE journey.

pathpath 1 PACE Engineering Recruiters
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Path to Performance

The Path to Performance program focuses on developing our recruiters and consultants to be the leaders of the industry. With a focus on peak performance, this program builds on an already strong foundation; through a series of trainings, workshops and coaching calls our recruiters are developed to excel. The program takes from only the best trainers in the industry to ensure our recruiters are prepared to be the best and brightest in the field.

The ultimate goal is continuous growth for our staff to transition into consultant, principle and other leadership roles.

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Path to Promotion

The Path to Promotion program focuses on consultants and principles who are ready to build their own teams. This program teaches how to lead, motivate and develop their own workers – from the fundamentals of conducting motivational meetings to building leaders in their own organization. This program is a comprehensive course in building yourself into the leader the organization of your dreams needs.

The ultimate goal is for our staff to build and sustain a career that will take them to a leadership level within our organization.

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Our People

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

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Our Culture

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

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Our Training

Our program is focused on the development of our people.

PACE is looking for motivated members to join our team.

Find out more by contacting us.