Our People

We believe purpose breeds passion

Our work environment is designed to foster collaboration, passion and exceptional quality – all while remaining transparent at every step. This leads to a team where people can thrive, where all are respected and we value their accomplishments in any form.

Our people are the backbone of our business and our success hinges on hiring, developing and retaining the best talent. Our vision is to become the most respected, selected and successful engineering recruitment firms in the markets and sectors we serve, through building a culture where people can thrive, that fosters personal development and offers exceptional opportunities and never compromises our on our ethics.

engineering recruiter boston passionengineering recruiter boston passion PACE Engineering Recruiters
engineering recruiter boston cultureengineering recruiter boston culture PACE Engineering Recruiters

Our Culture

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

engineering recruiter boston trainingengineering recruiter boston training PACE Engineering Recruiters

Our Training

Our program is focused on the development of our people.

engineering recruiter boston growthengineering recruiter boston career growth PACE Engineering Recruiters

Your Career Growth

The “PATH To Program” teaches our trainees about quality and service.

PACE is looking for motivated members to join our team.

Find out more by contacting us.