Our Culture

Our Vision

We started PACE Engineering Recruiters with a vision of creating something truly special by building a professional company for talented, driven people that fosters their ambition, passion and desire to grow. Our business offers a unique culture that promotes professional growth, challenges individuals to be their best and creates the leaders of tomorrow.

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PACE was founded and named based on our core values.

We feel in order to have an extraordinary company, you must have clearly defined values and purpose. By evaluating what we believe that makes a great company, great person and strong culture, we selected 8 core values and guiding principles.


ersonal Development

Continuous learning, training and development is what sets us apart from our competition. Do it daily and share your knowledge.



We give credit when things go right, we take responsibility when they go wrong.



Work together and communicate to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.



Goals and plans without self-discipline and commitment are rarely achieved.



Be sincerely interested in helping others achieve career, economic and personal growth. While leaving a positive, impactful impression on the people we interact with



Be inspired and motivated to achieve greatness but never compromise your integrity



Be Curious, the more we know about our customers, candidates and teammates, the better we can help.



Bring energy, urgency and positivity to everything we do.

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Our People

Our business offers a unique culture and vision.

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Our Training

Our program is focused on the development of our people.

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Your Career Growth

The “PATH To Program” teaches our trainees about quality and service.

PACE is looking for motivated members to join our team.

Find out more by contacting us.