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This is a good start and works for a lot of companies but if you are looking for top tier candidates, you need to look for success patterns

  1. Behavioral questioning: When asking questions like “tell me about a time”, listen for context and timeframes. If you ask this type of question and they consistently bring you back to a job 10-15 years ago, that might be an indication of stagnation in their career. Be sure to listen for the context of their answers and know what you are looking for, if you’re interviewing a team player that consistently uses I, that could be a flag.
  2. Success Patterns: How have they progressed through their career, have they been growing through the ranks, have they consistently been learning new skills, what have they learned in each of their positions, do they know what they want in the future. A players know what they want, what they have learned and the value of each position and how it shaped their career to date.
  3. Achievements: What goals have they achieved in their career? We’re they team related, individual, financial, project… All are acceptable answers but this will give you a good idea of what they perceive of an achievement and in the future can assign them to similar projects where they will feel accomplished.
  4. Innerview: The point at which you turn the interview into “I’m going to hire this person”, now let me learn how to motivate and inspire them in the future- This is very helpful when on-boarding people and knowing how to truly lead them. Questions such as “what did your last manager do that truly inspired or motivated you?”, “what did your past managers do that turned you off”, “when things aren’t going well, how do you like to be communicated with?”
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