With today’s candidate driven market, it’s important you know how to attract the right talent to your organization. Knowing your story and how to tell is could be the difference maker in landing the talent you want.

It’s not just about money but purpose, impact, technology and people:

Below are a couple of strategies we use

  1. Recruiting Marketing: This is the process where we capture as much information about the company, it’s growth or planned growth, technology and how it’s unique, reasons for working, impact on the market, the founding team, career path and things they are doing that now one else is. We then in turn build our “marketing” script on the story around the company and use it attract the right talent through various channels.
  2. Employer Branding: This is where we research the company, through on-line as well as what we hear in the marketing place (Glassdoor, Conversations, Google) and bring that feedback to the hiring manager/company and figure out how to use that to attract people or understand what the issues might have been and have the background explain that. Working with a recruiter that can speak on your behalf could be the difference between attracting talent and not.
  3. Candidate Experience: This is how we interact throughout the hiring process, the speed in which we operate in setting up interviews, the detail of the feedback we provide, how cordial throughout the process and how transparent we are about the above. The better the experience the higher chance they will take our job, make a recommendation for the job or tell their friends about us. It’s important for hiring managers to be a part of this process and provide timely and detailed feedback, your management style is being observed.
  4. 3 C’S+T: We use data to help identify where is the best talent for our position. Focused on four key areas that help attract talent, culture, commute, compensation and technology. The majority of people looking for work will fall into one of these 4 buckets, finding out what makes them tick and identifying if we have that is important in finding and attracting the right talent. We focus on identifying where to pull from (the 3 C’s+T compensation, commute, culture, technology), by finding companies where the culture is poor, they pay is low, people with a long commute or the technology is stale. We look to attract, engage and recruit these folks into our positions.
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